Free Your Mind

Hi Precious Women,

God is always doing something fabulous in our lives each and every day. As I was reflecting on how far I have come in Christ, I realized that God had to free my mind in order for me to allow him to use me. The great thing about God is that he will not force himself on us, but allow us to open our hearts and minds to him. In the midst of allowing him to use me, I went through some tough times, cried many tears, over came some fears and let go of a lot of hurt that I was holding on to. I wrote the following poem because now I am FREE!

Free your mind from yesterday's tears,

Free your mind from yesterday's fears,

Free your mind from the words that broke you,

Free your mind from the hurt that over took you.

Free your mind from the burdens that you bared,

and all of those times you felt no one cared.

Be Free oh precious woman

from the chains and bondage that wasted your time,

for NOW your hopes, and dreams of many FREE tomorrows

is at the front of your heart and mind, forever!

By D Sangster

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Thandi said...

Amen.Time to let go and let God.Precious lesson for us.


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