I learned a new Italian word from our 16 y/o son this week, Tempesta. Tempesta means "storm" in Italian. As I was thinking about the word I learned, I began to reflect on the different storms of life. We all have to deal with them in one form or another. It might be a storm of grief, depression, hurt, anxiety, fear, career loss, financial loss or just issues that you consider storms in your life.

But you do know why we have tools (umbrellas, rain boots and rain coats) right? We use our tools and resources to help us deal with those storms and endure them until the sun shines again.

Your tools or resources could be friends, family, faith, religion, running, singing, dancing or whatever you consider helps you endure your Tempesta. Whatever the resource, its yours and it helps you make it through your storm.

On this week, be thankful for every TEMPESTA that you made it through and the resources you had to make it through them. If your sun isn't shining yet, it WILL! But if it is shining, bask in it.

Remember, the storm will pass one day and your sun is destined to shine!

Sorry . . . KARFREITAG isn’t a Siskel and Ebert review of a hot new summer horror flick. Karfreitag is actually the original vernacular of a very old German word which means mourning. Though this word isn’t used anymore in the dialect of today, it sincerely expresses the realities of the event that took place on that day. If you take the ancient word (Karfreitag) and the words of modern day (Good Friday) as a description for that eventful day, it appears to be somewhat of an oxymoron. The truth of the matter is, there is no conflict at all because Karfreitag simply describes the day as it was; mourning. It was a day of mourning for the citizens as well as the disciples. It was a day of sorrow and of physical pain as well as a day of redemption and forgiveness. It was a day that would resound throughout the world among believers and non-believers forever. It was a day that the image they saw while standing helplessly gazing up at the cross would brand the hearts of man eternally. The day that we now call Good Friday is a compression of those events, but summarizes it all by broadcasting the positive impact. The impact was that Jesus dying was the beginning of life without the rule of sin over our lives. In either case, we can all agree that He lived and died for us.

So in your observance of this day, remember to keep Jesus in the center of it. There have been some faiths that encourage believers not to speak a single word on this day and there are some that observe it as a day to dress up and go to church for the fashion show. Remember this, Jesus lived as a man on this earth to set a standard; to show an example of servant hood and to die as atonement for our sins that we are too selfish to acknowledge ourselves. Find a time to be still and remember who He was and what He is to you. Find a moment to thank Him for all He has done and how He intercedes for you. After all, there would be no you without Him!


This is officially "Holy Week" across the world. This is a time where Christians, Jews and those that observe the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ celebrate. Yesterday marked the beginning of "Holy Week" with the celebration of "Palm Sunday." OK, so maybe you don't know what it means, but it marked the time that Jesus rode through the streets on a colt, with His followers praising Him for being the "King of the Jews." It is also important to note that most of those same people that praised Him on "Palm" Sunday, were the same ones that sought to have Him crucified by Friday! It certainly puts our life in perspective.

Anyway, we couldn't help but reflect on all of the sacrifices that we believe Jesus made for us. We will never truly know the extent of the pain and suffering that He endured, but it is important to know that we are here today because of His goodness, mercy and agape Love.

It is important that on this week, as well as beyond, that we pray for radical God- inspired change in our lives and the lives of those throughout the world. We need change in our finances, change in our marriage; change in being parents, change on our jobs and change in how we connect with others and wins souls to Christ!


On this "Holy" week, take time to reflect on the goodness of Jesus and all He has done for YOU. Allow Him to use you for His Glory and to do His perfect will in your life!

Have A Be Blessed Week!!!


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