I learned a new Italian word from our 16 y/o son this week, Tempesta. Tempesta means "storm" in Italian. As I was thinking about the word I learned, I began to reflect on the different storms of life. We all have to deal with them in one form or another. It might be a storm of grief, depression, hurt, anxiety, fear, career loss, financial loss or just issues that you consider storms in your life.

But you do know why we have tools (umbrellas, rain boots and rain coats) right? We use our tools and resources to help us deal with those storms and endure them until the sun shines again.

Your tools or resources could be friends, family, faith, religion, running, singing, dancing or whatever you consider helps you endure your Tempesta. Whatever the resource, its yours and it helps you make it through your storm.

On this week, be thankful for every TEMPESTA that you made it through and the resources you had to make it through them. If your sun isn't shining yet, it WILL! But if it is shining, bask in it.

Remember, the storm will pass one day and your sun is destined to shine!

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