All About Mothers

Because of the man-made day we call Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching we’d like to seize this opportunity to say a few words. First the disclaimer, these thoughts are not derived from the economical status of the world today, but rather from matters of the heart. Mother’s have been around a very long time and needless to say we wouldn’t be engaged in this conversation if it wasn’t for a mother. I don’t mean because they gave birth to us, changed our diapers and wiped our nasty noses, but because a great percentage of who we are morally and spiritually is because of them. They are in most part responsible for all of our basic manners and ability to know right from wrong. Some of us wouldn’t even know how to wash and iron a shirt is it wasn’t for mother. Some of us wouldn’t know what a Sunday school was if it wasn’t for a mother. As a matter of fact some of us wouldn’t have even known how to tie our shoes if it wasn’t for mother. It is a very strange thing now that there had to be a day designated that we celebrate our mothers. Yes I’ve heard the story how Mother’s Day came about, but I’m really concerned that most of us still don’t get it. I see men and women scurrying about like little bees, in and out of drug stores the day before Mother’s Day trying to snag a card from the leftovers on the shelves that look like there had just been an explosion. I’ve seen men and women days before with their faces buried in a computer screen searching for the express delivery gift and the long lines that at the stores that appear to be endless.

Have we become so materialistic that we have forgotten what truly satisfies our souls? Have we forgotten what brought our mothers delight as we grew into adults or have we become so individual that we’ve separated from the kindred spirit of family? What I am about to propose will seem strange to some, but others will see the value almost immediately. I challenge you this year to come out of your comfort zone and enter your mothers. Walk up to that door with a smile and give her the most precious gift any daughter or son could give . . . you. That’s right, give her you. Take her your love, your conversation, your memories from growing up. Just sit with her until she gets tired, wash her feet with care like she did yours, walk with her like she walked with you to school on the first day, hold her hand like she held yours once. Most of all before you walk away from her on that day, tell her how much you appreciate what she did for you. Thank her for her patience, her guidance, her love, her comfort. Thank her for sticking by you when things were really tough. Thank her for smiling in the face of adversity and knowing how to make you feel everything was going to be alright.

Mother’s day is very different than when we were growing up. We are also very different especially the matters of our hearts. Some of us have developed so maturely we can’t see the sincerity in simple things anymore. There is one thing that hasn’t changed in all of the passing of time and that’s mother, she will always be the same. This mother’s day we only want to suggest that you stop, step back and think about those things that are most important to her and not you. Give it a thought at least.

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