Find Rest, Pastor Daniels

This post is not about someone we knew personally, but about the death of a woman of God that lived her life teaching others the word of God. Pastor Carol Daniels was found brutally murdered on August 23rd in her church, Christ Holy Sanctified Church, located in Anadarko, Oklahoma. Sources say she was found behind the altar of the church where she traveled to weekly, located 50 miles from her home to serve God by serving the community in that town.

We don't know the full details of what or why it happened, but our thoughts and prayers go out to her family and the people in the community that she served. No one deserves to die in that manner or any brutal manner because one of the 10 commandments states that "thou shalt not kill".

We need you prayer warriors to send your prayers to the late Pastor Carol Daniel's family and the lives that she touched, that will be affected by this tragedy. We also need to pray for Peace throughout this world daily anyway, in Jesus name.

More details of this story can be found here: Pastor Daniels

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Anonymous said...

Praying now!!!

Christine Mayo said...

Thank you for sharing this, my heart has been touched, so sad in theses times a church and all that we believe is not respected.... The Word of God says that in the last days the love would wax cold ......times have changed so much. I am praying also.....


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