Bless The Lord, Oh My Soul!!

Bless The Lord, Oh My Soul, and ALL that is within me, bless His holy name! (Psalm 103: 1)

This scripture brings to mind just how awesome our God is! How can we not bless His holy name when He has been so gracious enough to bless our marriage?

He has truly been amazing in our marriage and our relationship with each other. From talking to consulting with one another on various things; God has shown up and been a blessing to us!

I think about where we were in our marriage a few years ago and how God has just stepped in and taken over completely. It did not come without a price that we were very willing to pay; but when you want something luxurious, you pay for it right? The price we paid was giving up ourselves so that God could live in us totally. This sounds easy right? Well, it was far from easy, but we strive daily to allow God to lead our hearts totally, by listening to His voice and instructions.

We challenge you to "Bless the Lord" with everything that is in you and allow him to take over your marriage! You will be so blessed and in turn, bless others with living the life that God has purposed for you to live, in Him.

Be Blessed!!

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Thandi said...

Amen.He is great indeed!(Thank you for your comment, it means a lot-more than you'll ever know!)


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