The "Rain" of God

Have you ever looked at the rain and wondered where it came from and how many droplets are falling? Did you ever take pleasure in playing in the rain and listening to it fall outside your window when you were a child? Now, the amazing thing about rain is that there is a "being" or "force" that exists, that has the ultimate power to supply a flow of rain over the entire earth!

Now that is truly amazing!! Amazing because, this "being" has to be so powerful and omnipotent, that with the blink of an eye, rain can fall, stop, drizzle and flow to every corner of the earth. To know that such a "force" exists should be enough to keep you on your toes and longing to fall under the Grace of this awesome "being"!!

The "being" I am talking about is the Almighty and powerful God! God is awesome and even the tiniest rain drop that He provides, impacts the development and growth of the very earth that we live on. Just imagine how much we can develop if we allow His "rain" of hope, love, commitment, obedience, servant-hood, etc fall down on us and soak our lives!!

I can only say that Great is the Lord, for HE is WORTHY to be PRAISED!!!!!

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