Ok, divorce by any means is still divorce and we just don't like that word. We believe marriage is honorable and should be a sacred union between two people that have an undying love for each other, through Christ. Hence, it is a bit unsettling to hear that Nas and Kelis are calling it quits. Not only that, they are expecting their first child in a couple of weeks and are separated. Can anyone see why this is unsettling to us? What God has joined together should never be put asunder. Can all really be lost if they are seeking God for answers in working out their problems?

Here you have two young people that are in the public eye, getting all sorts of advice from many directions and choose to go with the, sshhhhh "D" word. I had to whisper that and not say it too loud because it just doesn't fit in the realm of what we believe. Have they sought counseling? Is anyone telling them to pray about their situation and try to work things out?

Several things are very clear from this story that we should pray about. Rich people are not exempt from having problems, issues, arguments, etc, so don't get it twisted, they are human too. The other thing is that we are at war between marriage and divorce. As the body of Christ, we need to ensure marriage wins!

Please lift them up in your prayers and lets continue to pray for marriages all over this world.

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Thandi said...

I saw a news report about Usher getting a divorce too...Sad how marriage is being taken for granted.I guess that's what happens when God isn't there in the beginning and isn't there during it either...God help us to keep a sacred circle around our unions.

Serving Christ said...

Here, Here Thandi! Girl, we HAVE to keep God all up in our business daily!

Maxizone said...

Hi, I have an award tag for you - see my blog.

D.L.J.2 said...

People are just not allowing God into their hearts at all these days. So, how can they allow him into all the other areas? We, who are allowing God in has to be that light that shines so bright, that they not only want it but they ask about it as well. Now is the time for us to stand out in the gap for all marriages!!

cheleski said...

i just love your encouragement and your blog. any marriage that falls apart affects the body. i always feel it makes the enemy hungrier for more marriages to devour. so, yes, it's time to STAY prayed up now more than ever.

ps-yes freeforming cheleski method is no latching for about 8wks now! lol!but i do style my hair for work


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